We love Goodwill!

We love Goodwill!

So, I had this giant bolster full of feathers…that was given to us by a family member…
Anyone who knows much about my sleep habits knows I love a good feather pillow…and that I refuse to discard anything as fabulous as a mountain of goose feathers that I can put to good use…the story goes like this…I’ll make it at short and sweet as possible…

Headed to the fabric store coupon in hand, ready to buy pillow ticking…

$12.99/yard…OUCH. even with my coupons, I’m thinking I can score a deal on some pillows for less than I’m going to spend here.

Back to the drawing board. Anything in my stash that will work well for pillows? Nope. Not this week. Be patient, it will come…

Random trip to Goodwill…and of course I must peruse the fabrics and sheets, right?

Well, HELLO, LUVA!!! Got about 2-3 yards of ticking for $4.99. That’s better.

Measure, cut, sew…

Waiting for the right moment (aka, enough time to make a ‘big feather mess’ with the little one, sew the pillows closed and clean up the ‘big feather mess’.

It came, we stuffed, we fluffed, we sewed.

Now, we have two new bed pillows, one for preschool, and one for a little decor pillow. Yes, I know there are only 3 in the picture…#4 is off to preschool, which allows me a moment to share this fabulousness with you…

Ya’ll keep donating your awesome fabrics, cause I’ll keep buying ’em!


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