Valentine’s Day Upcycled Dress

Because she holds the key to my heart.

I can’t find my before picture – pretty sure it’s on my computer that crashed out last week…bygones…but here are a few in progress shots and, of course, the after cuteness. Just picture a cute but drab dress with military style buttons.  I liked it when I bought it, but knew the sparkly one would not so much.  So, we embellish…

Worked in a few hearts with a quick reverse applique –

Reverse Applique

All I did here was was cut some hearts out of pink fabric (about 1/4-1/2″ bigger than i wanted the finished heart.  Basted them on the inside of the dress in random spots with basting spray and stitched them on with pink thread.

Then, I flipped it inside out and cut out the heart on the dress just inside the stitch line to reveal the pink on the right side. Easy peasy.

I had already removed the old buttons.  My favorite is the heartimage & lock.  I actually searched and searched for that – harder to find than you might think! Thank you Etsy! I got these fabulous buttons from Threadbender64. Sewed those on in place of the original buttons – and done.  The whole project took maybe an hour? We are not counting the 2 months…or so…that it took me to actually get to it and finish it…that’s just what happens around here…but she loves it, and I do to!  Just wanted to show you how easy it is to spruce up an outfit!

Add heart tights and some awesome boots…and voila!  Ready to go!

And, yes, the umbrella is required on bright, sunny days.


imageBe devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.   Romans 12:10


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