Will Trade Bunny Pattern for Reviews!

I’m looking for a few souls to try out this bunny – bunnies

I made one for my daughter and she absolutely adores it, so I made some more – and I plan to make lots more. She’s adorable, soft, floppy and oh so fun and fabulous. can you tell we like her?  I just wasn’t too crazy about the patterns I found, not that they aren’t fabulous, just couldn’t find what I was looking for – so I made my own.

I  have the pattern uploaded and ready to send and the instructions will be ready later today – just need some willing and able bodied sewers!  This is a fairly simple pattern – though the first I have drafted and shared – so I appreciate your honest feedback and patience throughout the process.  This can be sewn by beginners – just be comfortable with your machine and a little twisting, holding ears down, etc.  Probably best for intermediate level sewers at this draft level?  I don’t know! That’s what I’m hoping you will help me find out.

What you’ll get – the draft pattern and instruction for personal use and review (no selling, sharing, or distribution of the pattern or finished product selling, etc. please.)

What I’ll ask of you – your honest feedback on what you liked and didn’t like about the pattern and your finished bunny or bunnies.  I’ll send a few brief questions along with the pattern, but welcome any and all questions and comments before, during, and after completion.

Once reviews have been completed, I’ll do my best to adjust and correct the pattern as quickly as possible and send you a final copy along with a limited license to create bunnies for resale (not to resell the pattern 😉 ).

Please respect that fact that I am ‘putting myself out there’ on this one, and as a fellow learning sewer, I appreciate your not blogging your review until a final and completed/corrected pattern has been provided to you.

Draft patterns for review will be limited! I can’t wait to see what you create!

Happy Easter!


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