She had her frozen party.

Sorry, I don’t have many pictures –

I can say she had a blast.  And loved it all.

We did ‘melted icycles’ (blue powerade) in fancy plastic champagne cups,

blue popcorn, blue cupcakes, and some fun little decorations.

We didn’t go overboard…she played at the park with her friends and had a wonderful time.

And now she’s five.

The dress… found a perfect pattern over here at Peek-a-Boo Designs – it’s free to download — The pattern is a perfect size 4T – fit my little one perfectly – check the length before you do a elsadressfinal cut/hem to the skirt – if your little ice queen is a tall one, you may want a couple more inches on that.

Here are my little alterations – If you are comfortable with a machine and the fabrics you are using try them out! My way, or the Peek-a-Boo way, you are going to come out with a great dress!  Enjoy!

  • I used knits – because they are more comfortable to wear for children than itchy costumes and, I hope, will hold up better.
  • I only did have the width of the skirt – wanted less of a  poofy look for this one – had I thought of it, I may have extended the bodice down and made it a full dress without the waist band – if that makes sense?  I think that would work pretty easily…who knows? Maybe I’ll try that again someday.
  • I had a thick polyestery chiffony fabric I grabbed at Goodwill – So I didn’t use tulle.  I folded each outer edge into the center where they met in the middle. Hope that makes sense?
  • I also sewed the cape in between the bodice and ‘undershirt’ rather than adding the strip to cover it.  You may kind of have had to have done something like this before to know what I mean, but even if not… I’m sure you can figure it out – takes a little sew, flip, sew again kinda trick. I like the way it layed with that. Not sure I would have bothered with tulle – as it will all fluff up and be awesome any way you sew it ;).
  • I had to add a strip across the back to keep it from falling off of her shoulders.  So, maybe make the ‘scoop’ a little more shallow?

Alterations or not, it is a great pattern and if you’re looking for a simple way to put together a Frozen, Ice Queen, or just a pretty princess dress – this is a good one.  Highly recommend!  Happy Sewing!



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