Best Valentine’s Date You Will Ever Have

I hear you, mom… 

It’s been a long day…week…month…year…decade…

I know. Been there. I’m writing this post for you during what I think I will someday refer to as my restful season…its Springtime in 2015…for you to read around Valentines Day next year… Or the year after… Or in 50 years of my simple little blog remains beyond my years…
I won’t get mushy or go into a long spiel about what you feel or what I feel or you should feel or what he or you or whoever should or shouldn’t.
My best advice in my still learning but been in this game for quite some time wisdom… just be. Enjoy what is in front of you… don’t expect your moments to look like a reality show or a fairy tale or something from a movie. Don’t expect to have the best story of your significant other did for you on such and such special occasion.
Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself or on anyone else that you care about. The best part of the story is the part you can’t share. You can’t describe. Who cares if you didn’t go out on Valentine’s Day? I’m not big on crowds and showy things anyway… if you are … no offense … embrace it, enjoy it, and have a blast!  I’d rather have a night out on the town on Tuesday when the streets are quiet but things are still going on that no one else can see.
If it’s just you without the kiddos or if you just loathe some particular holiday for whatever reason (I’ve heard a lot of reasons…), grab a book or catch a movie or something… Work a few extra hours … Take a bath… Hang out with a friend… Go shopping… Or go do something most people won’t do on whatever day it might be. Just be. Be you. Be awesome.
imageOn Valentine’s Day this year, we didn’t even attempt to get a babysitter or go out – we grabbed a heart shaped pizza and pulled out the linens and China. And maybe you can see just a glimpse of our awesome. It lasted less than an hour. But the story in my head and heart will be for always and I hope that the littles will always remember it, too. I can’t tell you that story and I can’t tell you about the little piece of my heart that is not at that table, but blessedly just a phone call away… All I can tell you is to stop for. Just a few minutes and enjoy what is right in front of you…   Much love – XOXO – C

Save not only time, but MONEY with on demand grocery shopping.

Save Time & Money – Five (seriously) Easy Steps.

I’m going to make this short and sweet – cause it’s really just that easy. Couponers, you may not do this – but it might at least help you comparison shop and allow you to have your sale items and stuff that just doesn’t have coupons delivered – so, less shopping. More play time. Who doesn’t love that?

I used to coupon – I admire those that do – sometimes I still clip a few…but I found myself spending way too much time clipping and printing and searching and cutting and organizing. Because I couldn’t do it halfway. It was all or none. Those that can manage it better than I, keep rolling – you’re a rock star.

Here’s how you are going to do it:

  1. First thing you need to do is sign up. You’ll get a shiptrewardcredit for $10 when you use the link. (You’re welcome.)
  2. Second, create your shopping cart in the app.
  3. Third, shop another store  FROM your shopping cart. Compare prices as you go. If it’s cheaper, get it and remove from your cart. (Pick the store that saves you the most money, or visit 2-3 – I picked 1 because the point here is to save money AND time)
  4. Fourth, on your way to check out at your last stop, submit your order and have the rest of your groceries delivered.
  5. Go home – unload your car, and any minute your Shopper will arrive with the rest of your groceries.

It’s that easy, y’all. Seriously.

I found that many of the items that I normally would purchase elsewhere were actually cheaper at Publix, probably saved about $20 by ordering those products rather than purchasing them at the first store.  Maybe next time I’ll give you a comparison price list?

So, ready to sign up? Hopefully, you have a service available in your area –
I use Shipt – on Demand Grocery Delivery Service. This is available in Nashville, Dallas, Tampa, and Birmingham. They are always expanding to new cities. Keep your eyes for a launch in your area and be sure to sign up when it gets there!

This is an unsolicited post written to share with you Shipt’s amazing service.  I am receiving no compensation for writing this post.  When you click the link above, you and I BOTH will receive a $10 gift from Shipt (see more details by clicking the link).

Name Brand vs Store Brand…

We all know that some store brands are name brands in disguise… But I never bothered to really research which is which… I pulled out some Publix Butter this morning…only had two sticks (the icing calls for three- yep that’s right) so I grabbed some more – had some Prairie Farms butter in the fridge … And …well… Huh… Same package, same plant… So there you go…  


And just in case any one is interested – here’s the best frosting ever that calls for three sticks of butter #you knowyouwantsome

This is my third time making it and it is the bomb diggity!