Chalkboard Key Rack

Had lots of fun making this one – it’s been one of those things I stared at for a really long time with plans for my house – but what I had it mind just didn’t work for my space, so I made something for you – wish I had a kitchen wall big enough for it!

Chalkboard Key Rack

Chalkboard Key RackChalkboard Key Rack

It can be yours  – Just visit Etsy.


Super Hero Set

So, forever ago I pinned these super hero templates from Martha Stewart…it seems to be a very popular pin – I guess Super Heroes just never go out of syle!

Anywho, I tweaked them a bit – changed the sizes, made some templates of my own, and got rollin – the kiddos are absolutely overjoyed – they don’t want to take them off!


That was my fun sewing last week – jump in make some for your favorite supers, or if your not feeling so crafty, I’d be more than happy to make you one or two or twelve –

These are listed in my Square Shop (look under Gifts & Novelty Items) and on Etsy.

If you make some, I’d love to see!

Wagon Upcycle

So…we have this wagon…it’s broken. But I love it. So…I found a way to use it.

The One with the Tools is working on building an outdoor playhouse for the littles, and, well, it needs furniture…

We got a good start… But apparently we need the The One with the Tools and not just his Tools…

He has to help us, right? Because we have this whole blog post thing going and we don’t want to leave you hangin…

Update: The One with the Tools got everything taken care of … But now we have rain. And more rain. It’s the rainy season…. Maybe next week? 4/14/15


Because I can … BFFs FOREVER

Had an absolutely, marvelously wonderful time making these for a birthday gift for her BFF…IMG_0232 (1)

We have been friends since middle school, and now are our daughters are friends – so this was a very special project. I have been giddy since I finished them…

These were made by upcycling two matching tank tops donated by my nieces.  I added some sparkley mesh fabric as the skirt – each dress has pieces of the opposing tank…and I just couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out…


*Want one?  Custom Orders orders available in my Etsy Shop*

Or Make your own!  Here’s the PDF of the heart pattern I made for these – I traced it onto quilter’s template plastic – this can be found at most craft stores and easily online.


Best Friends (1)

Best Upcycle…Ever.

It all began with a girl who needed a backpack…

What did she want? Pink. Purple. Sparkles. Flowers. And Hello Kitty.

What did I want? A backpack that wouldn’t fall apart and need to be replaced in a year. One that was small enough for her to carry but big enough to carry her folder from preschool in…and, of course, to make it myself.

Can’t be too hard, right?

So, here is my little photo journal of the end of the story…we will not be discussing the number of hours I spent staring at this pile of stuff and figuring how to get the end result in form and function we both craved.


If you’d like details, I will happily oblige … For now, just pictures…I must sleep for a few weeks to catch up…

She likes it 😉


Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14

From Grocery Bag to Business Card

From Grocery Bag to Business Card

Not much time for sewing the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d share with you my upcycled business cards – all you have to do is cut out a paper sack down to the size of piece of paper and run it through the printer…cut them out, then all done!

We love Goodwill!

We love Goodwill!

So, I had this giant bolster full of feathers…that was given to us by a family member…
Anyone who knows much about my sleep habits knows I love a good feather pillow…and that I refuse to discard anything as fabulous as a mountain of goose feathers that I can put to good use…the story goes like this…I’ll make it at short and sweet as possible…

Headed to the fabric store coupon in hand, ready to buy pillow ticking…

$12.99/yard…OUCH. even with my coupons, I’m thinking I can score a deal on some pillows for less than I’m going to spend here.

Back to the drawing board. Anything in my stash that will work well for pillows? Nope. Not this week. Be patient, it will come…

Random trip to Goodwill…and of course I must peruse the fabrics and sheets, right?

Well, HELLO, LUVA!!! Got about 2-3 yards of ticking for $4.99. That’s better.

Measure, cut, sew…

Waiting for the right moment (aka, enough time to make a ‘big feather mess’ with the little one, sew the pillows closed and clean up the ‘big feather mess’.

It came, we stuffed, we fluffed, we sewed.

Now, we have two new bed pillows, one for preschool, and one for a little decor pillow. Yes, I know there are only 3 in the picture…#4 is off to preschool, which allows me a moment to share this fabulousness with you…

Ya’ll keep donating your awesome fabrics, cause I’ll keep buying ’em!

BBF’s – Best Baseball Friends…

BBF's - Best Baseball Friends...

These two have been hanging out at the ball park together for 2-3 years now…so now they have matching shirts to support the team…
These were super easy! Don’t be scared!
Get some Wonder Under fusible Interfacing. Cut out your letter. Here, I did one P larger than the other and stacked them.
Iron the fabric onto the interfacing of the smaller letter, then cut it out (you are going to trace a mirror image of you letter onto the backing of the interfacing – easy, easy). Do the same with the smaller letter.
Then, peel the backing off the smaller letter, place on the larger letter…iron on.
Now – the fun part. Peel the backing off the larger letter, and iron onto your shirt!
I do a quick straight stitch around the border to hold it on, you can do a prettier applique/embroidery stitch if you’d like!

Pirate shirt


Don’t judge me. I know it’s not perfect. There are only 8 games in our Fall Ball season.  So, yea. We just get ‘er done.

Added a little ruffle to the bottom of Molly’s t-shirt – how to do a ruffle – pretty easy – do a quick google search. Lots of ways – I like sewing 2 loose straight stitches…just easier to work with!

Have fun with it!